Floor Level Survey

Floor Level (Manometer) Survey

Do you need a floor level survey? At Tennyson Foundation Repair we feel that the first step is to take a look-see at the foundation of your home and perform a visual inspection. Sometimes the next step is to advise the homeowner to have a floor level survey performed on their home.

A floor level survey is also known as a manometer survey.

What is a manometer survey?

A manometer survey is an analysis of the many elevation readings taken through out your home. The elevation readings are taken on grid format and are laid out on a sketch of the floor plan of your home.

The device used to take the elevation readings is called a manometer.

Is the Manometer ACCURATE?

A Manometer works on the principle that water will equalize to the same exact elevation on both sides of a U-shaped tube. Engineers have proven that Manometers are highly accurate survey instruments measuring elevations within thousands of an inch. Manometers are also used by the aircraft manufacturing industry to precisely position critical components in confined spaces within tolerances of thousands of an inch. Another great tool for reading the elevations throughout your home is the ZipLevel. The ZipLevel is a digital version of the Manometer. Tennyson Foundation Repair utilizes both the water and digital versions of the Manometer.

Is your home experiencing foundation problems?

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