Foundation Inspection

Foundation Inspection

Tennyson Foundation Repair offers a few different foundation inspection options.  Why? Because the type of inspection needed depends on how severe your foundation problems are. We feel that the best approach is to first perform a visual foundation inspection to determine what the next step should be.

Foundation Inspection Options:

  • FREE Visual Inspections for homeowners within the Phoenix Metro Area
  • Floor Level (Manometer) Surveys at an affordable cost
  • In depth inspection with Structural or Geotechnical engineer
  • Soil testing, usually by a Geotechnical engineer
  • Review of existing engineer reports and consultation
  • Estimate of cost for foundation repairs on your home


Tennyson Foundation Repair provides visual inspections and can advise you, the homeowner, if further analysis and testing is required. We may suggest to just monitor the movement or we may suggest a floor level (manometer) survey.  If there is a straight forward repair option for the foundation of your home Tennyson Foundation Repair will give you an estimate for the repairs.

For the homes that are experiencing obvious major foundation movement, we will work with the local engineering community to provide you the proper repair options. We will usually recommend either a geo-technical engineer, a structural engineer or both and will all work together as a team.

Is your home experiencing foundation problems?

Tennyson Foundation Repair offers a FREE Visual Inspection for "homeowners" within the Phoenix metro area.

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