Helical Piers

Helical Piers

Is Your Home Experiencing Settlement?

Do you have that Sinking Feeling?

Tennyson Foundation Repair can stabilize and lift the foundation of your home with helical piers. If your home is experiencing wall cracks, floor cracks, ceiling cracks, sloped floors, windows and doors which will not open and close properly, give us a call at 480-515-0025.

We will come out and do a visual inspection on the foundation of your home and give you advice to get you back to a solid foundation.

Tennyson Foundation Repair uses the latest, high tech, helical piers available.

Helical Piers
Helical Piers
Helical Piers

What Is A Helical Pier?

Most people have never heard of a helical pier! So, the question “What is a helical pier?” is usually asked first.

A helical pier is a steel shaft with one or more helical plates attached to the steel shaft. Helical piers are also known as helical piles. The helical pier is driven down into solid load bearing soil and then the load of the structure/home is transferred to the helical pier. Helical piers come in many different sizes and many different helical plate designs. The size and the design of the helical pier depend on the type of soil the helical pier will be driven into and also depends on the size of the load the helical pier will be required to carry.

Helical Piers
helical piers
Helical Piers

What Is The History Of The Helical Pier?

The first use of helical piers goes way back to 1838 when they were used as the foundation of a lighthouse. Fast forward to the past 30 years, helical piers have been used as the “go to option” for poor soil conditions and the “go to option” for the restoration and repair of damaged foundations. Thanks to the rockin engineers across the world, helical pier designs and helical pier engineering has evolved to handle the most complex poor soil conditions and also the restoration and repair of the damaged foundations across the world. Way to go engineers!!

How Are Helical Piers Installed?

Helical piers are installed under the foundation of the home by driving (screwing) the helical pier through the soft soils by the means of a hydraulically driven torque motor. This hydraulically driven torque motor is usually attached to a Bobcat, an excavator, or a backhoe. The size of the equipment necessary to install the helical piers depends on the access to the area where the helical pier will be installed. For areas where the access is very tight such as next to a home with less than 10 feet of access on the sides of the home the helical piers will be installed with a mini excavator. For areas which are very confined and tight, the helical piers can be installed using custom hydraulically driven hand equipment.

When Are Helical Piers Used?

Helical Piers are used when the foundation of a structure such as a home is experiencing settlement. This settling foundation can be stabilized and lifted with helical piers. Helical piers are also used when a structure or a home is going to be built on known soft or unstable soils. These are known as new construction helical piers. These new construction helical piers can be pre-installed into solid soils before the foundation of the home is poured and then will be tied into the new foundation of the structure or the home.

Which Type Of Helical Pier Does My Home Need?

There are many different types of helical piers used here in Arizona. The type of helical pier to be used here in Arizona depends on the soil conditions and the size of the load the helical pier will be required to carry.


Helical Piers

One type of helical pier is the round shaft helical pier. The round shaft helical pier is used in softer soils and with loads in compression.

Another type of helical pier is the square shaft helical pier. The square shaft helical pier is used in soils which are denser and with loads in tension or compression.


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