Home Buyers

Home Buyers

So you are in the market to buy a home, and you are wondering what are the signs you should be looking for that might indicate that there is a problem with the foundation of the home.

Wall Crack

Sloping Floor

Floor Crack

Here is a list of foundation problem signs to look for while you are out previewing homes:

-Wall Cracks
-Cracks in the flooring
-Cracks in the ceiling
-Doors and windows that will not open and close correctly
-Sloping floors
-Cracks in the exterior stucco and exterior bricks
-Poor drainage and ponding water
-Check for any obvious signs of drywall repair in the walls and also check the ceiling for repairs


Now, just because there are a few cracks throughout the home that does not mean for sure that the home has a problem with the foundation. It simply means that the home should be inspected further.

Usually when buying a home the buyer will have the home inspected by a professional home inspector. If there are signs that the home you are looking to purchase may have problems with the foundation, the home inspector will note the problems and will usually advise you, the buyer, that the foundation of the home should be inspected further.

That is when you should call the professionals at Tennyson Foundation Repair.

Usually the first question on the home buyer’s mind is, can the foundation of this home be repaired? And the answer is usually yes.

The next question on the home buyer’s mind is, okay it can be repaired but how much will the foundation repair cost?

And the short answer to that question is, it depends.

The cost of repair simply depends on the severity of the foundation problems and also depends on access to the foundation of the home.

Each foundation repair is usually a custom repair plan designed for that one home. When it comes to foundation repair one size does not fit all.

There are many foundation repair options available and there are many different combinations of foundation repair options.

Tennyson Foundation Repair is a full service foundation repair contractor.

The first step for you, the home buyer, is to have a professional from Tennyson Foundation Repair come out to the home and perform a Visual Inspection on the foundation of the home.

Yes, there is usually a fee to visually inspect the foundation on homes which you do not own yet.

Keep in mind that we can repair the foundation of the home you are looking to buy.

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